3 Compelling Cases for Treating Your Gum Recession

It is hard to ignore gum recession when it starts to occur, mostly because the symptoms can be somewhat noticeable. However, many people do not act quickly when it comes to treating this condition. Dr. Jean-Claude Kharmouche has treated patients with gum deterioration for years, helping these individuals avoid developing other, more serious issues. If you are starting to see signs of receding gums, here are three strong reasons why you should not wait to see a periodontist.

  1. More Sensitive Roots

When the gums recede too far, the roots of your teeth become exposed. The most immediate problem will be increased sensitivity when eating and drinking. In addition, an exposed root is more likely to experience decay than roots that are still hidden by the gums.

  1. Tooth Decay

As your gum recession becomes worse, your teeth lose their initial line of defense against bacteria. Millions of bacteria exist in your mouth, and your gums play an active role in keep those particles from attacking your teeth and causing expedited tooth decay. If you do not have a periodontist like Dr. Kharmouche to begin treating your gum issues, you could soon have very serious teeth problems to contend with as well.

  1. Lengthening and Discoloration

It should come as no surprise that diminished gums make a person’s teeth appear longer than normal. This condition also leads to increased discoloration, as the foods and liquids you ingest will come into contact with a portion of tooth that was previously obscured by the gum line. These problems are more superficial than the other issues, but may provide extra incentive to have your gums treated quickly.

Find Out What Can Be Done

Fortunately, gum recession treatment is extremely effective if started early enough. To find out what steps can be taken to improve your gum problems, call our office in Leesburg, VA and we can schedule an appointment.

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