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Dr. Holt and Dr. Gutierrez have over 60 years of combined experience in periodontal surgery, dental implant placement, and soft tissue aesthetic procedures. Both doctors have lectured and consulted as key opinion leaders for several prestigous organizations.

After the procedure the recovery was very quick. I was actually very surprised by the little pain I felt from the recovery. Now I love my smile, it gives me a lot more confidence and I am very grateful for everything I was able to do and the changes that were made.

“Every week patients come to us for the first time seeking a second opinion  on dental implants or periodontal surgery cases.  We love providing our opinion on the treatment options and we have the ability to work efficiently with the patients general dentist.  Our philosophy is to create a system in which we do what we are best at and the Dentist does what they are best at. . .This ultimately provides the patient with the best outcome.”


Dr. Holt

Nationally recognized team of Periodontal Clinicians, Surgeons, Authors, & Key Opinion Leaders

Dr. Mauricio Gutierrez


Dr. Robert L. Holt


Dr. Kyle Deluca


Dr. Marvin Rosenberg

Founding Partner, Retired
Patient Reviews

Dr. Gutierrez and his staff are the best! I’ve had extensive Perio work done as well as many implants implanted. Everything looks great! Mary is a great Hygienist. She’s thorough and personable.

Frank Alba

The Florida Institute for Periodontics did an amazing job on my mouth from start to finish. Dr. Gutierrez and his staff were professional and exact in handling my case.I highly recommend them.

Aimee Ackell

The best dental experience with Dr. Gutierrez and his staff. I’ve been in the dental field myself in Boston, so finding Dr. Gutierrez is a blessing.

Sheryl Boyman

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