Periodontal Regeneration - West Palm Beach, FL

Restore Lost Bone Due to Gum Disease with Regenerative Procedures

Reverse Damage

Periodontal regenerative procedures may be recommended if periodontal disease has destroyed the supporting bone in your mouth. We often perform this treatment after laser or osseous surgery to reverse some of the damage done by infection, or before a dental implant procedure. Regenerating bone and tissue is essential to the overall success of periodontal treatment, and can help improve overall wellness.

Regenerative Procedures

Guided tissue regeneration and bone grafting are common procedures performed to restore tissue and bone to damaged areas. We utilize the latest in regenerative techniques and materials for predictable and optimal results, including donated bone growth factors or plasma derived from your own blood. This tissue engineering technique encourages faster healing during grafting procedures, and promotes faster soft tissue closure.

Advantages of Periodontal Regeneration

  • Stable regrowth of bone and tissue
  • Accelerated healing process (with growth factors)
  • Restores periodontal health
  • Allows for the placement of dental implants

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Dr. Robert L. Holt and Dr. Mauricio Gutierrez specialize in periodontal procedures and are here to help you maintain and restore your oral health and function. Call us today for a personalized consultation with our skilled team.

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