Periodontitis Treatment - West Palm Beach, FL

Win the Battle Against Gum Disease With Proven Osseous Surgery

Stop Destructive Periodontal Disease in Its Tracks

Periodontal (gum) disease is a destructive oral infection that destroys the bone and ligaments supporting your teeth. Without treatment, bone loss continues and tooth loss becomes a significant risk. Osseous surgery, a proven gum disease treatment designed to halt the progression of this unforgiving condition, targets the source of the infection by removing deep areas of plaque, tartar, bacterial buildup and uneven bony surfaces.

Why Osseous Surgery Over Other Therapies?

Your specific periodontal needs determine the best course of action for restoring health to your smile. Osseous surgery may be recommended over other treatments like laser surgery or scaling and root planing in cases involving:

• Advanced periodontitis
• Deep periodontal pocketing
• Concurrent need for bone grafting
• Unsuccessful results with other modalities

Enjoy Better Periodontal Health With Treatment Benefits

• Elimination of active infection
• Reduced periodontal pocket depths
• Healthier gum tissues
• Better homecare ability
• Decreased risk of systemic illness
• Fresher breath
• More confident smile

Meeting Your Needs With Proficiency, Skill and Compassion

At The Florida Institute for Periodontics and Dental Implants, we have a long history with fighting gum disease. Our doctors have a combined practice experience of 55 years, and are known for their proficiency, refined skills and caring approach toward restoring periodontal health. We specialize in high quality, comfortable care and offer sedation options for relaxing, stress-free visits.

Schedule a Consultation

You cannot win the battle against gum disease on your own. Let our expert periodontal specialists treat your infection and get you back to enjoying a confident, healthy smile. Contact The Florida Institute for Periodontics and Dental Implants today for your osseous surgery consultation.

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