Functional Crown Lengthening - West Palm Beach, FL

Restorative Dentistry

Laying the Groundwork for Restorative Procedures

Crown lengthening is commonly thought of as a cosmetic procedure, however it may be necessary in some cases. Functional crown lengthening procedures are often recommended for patients needing a dental crown or other restoration, but have excess gum tissue preventing the piece from fitting properly. This treatment reshapes the gum and supporting bone to provide a proper foundation for a restoration piece. Crown lengthening can also be combined with other procedures to improve the aesthetics of the smile or lay the groundwork for other cosmetic or orthodontic procedures.

Functional Crown Lengthening:


  • Tooth decay below the gumline
  • Broken tooth below the gumline
  • Not enough tooth structure to support a crown or bridge


  • Exposes more surface area on short teeth
  • Allows for restorative treatments
  • Improves aesthetics

A Healthy, Beautiful Smile Is Yours

You can have a healthy, complete smile. Our skilled team of periodontists welcome you for a consultation to determine your restorative and cosmetic options. Contact us today to start your journey towards a new you.

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