Esthetic Crown Lengthening - West Palm Beach, FL

Transform Your Gummy Smile Today

Address Gum Health and Smile Appearance

Esthetic Crown lengthening is a periodontal procedure performed to recontour excess or overgrown tissue to enhance the natural smile or esthetic dental reconstructions. Gentle removal and sculpting of gum tissue around the teeth create a more favorable tooth-to-gum ratio and a more natural smile.

Restoring Your Gummy Smile

The crown lengthening procedure is normally carried out under a local anesthetic or IV sedation, aiding in the smooth and pain-free execution of treatment. When appropriate, a dental laser is used during the procedure. This reduces the need for sutures, which results in little discomfort and swelling. In cases where the patient is treatment planned for esthetic dental veneers or crowns, esthetic crown lengthening restores the proper dimensions of the smile prior to cosmetic restorations

Enjoy the Benefits of a Balanced, Healthy Smile

Fall in love with your smile again, and enjoy the benefits of esthetic crown lengthening:

• Contoured, balanced smile line
• Proportioned tooth-to-gum ratio
• Improved gum health
• Minimal post-operative discomfort
• Enhanced self-confidence

A gummy smile can be beautifully transformed by our talented periodontists

in a simple, convenient procedure. Give your smile a fresh, healthy start with esthetic crown lengthening from The Florida Institute for Periodontics and Dental Implants. Reserve your private consultation by contacting our team today.

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