Esthetic Crown Lengthening - West Palm Beach, FL

Transform Your Gummy Smile Today

Address Gum Health and Smile Appearance

Crown lengthening is a common periodontal procedure performed to reduce excess or overgrown gum tissue, or enable restorative procedures. Gentle removal and sculpting of gingival (gum) tissue around the teeth creates a more favorable tooth-to-gum ratio and healthier smile. At times, the underlying bone may also be reduced to achieve desired clinical and esthetic outcomes.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Balanced, Healthy Smile

Fall in love with your smile again, and enjoy the benefits of esthetic crown lengthening:

• Contoured, balanced smile line
• Proportioned tooth-to-gum ratio
• Reduction in periodontal pocketing
• Improved gum health
• More effective homecare efforts
• Minimal post-operative discomfort
• Enhanced self-confidence

A gummy smile can be beautifully transformed by our talented periodontists

in a simple, convenient procedure. Give your smile a fresh, healthy start with esthetic crown lengthening from The Florida Institute for Periodontics and Dental Implants. Reserve your private consultation by contacting our team today.